Country Reports

The country reports are prepared for the European COST Action FP1201 FOREST LAND OWNERSHIP CHANGES IN EUROPE: SIGNIFICANCE FOR MANAGEMENT AND POLICY (FACESMAP), which has the aim to bring together the state-of-knowledge with regard to forest ownership across Europe.

The Joint Volume of Country Reports represent collection of 28 country reports that aim to give an overview of the forest ownership structures and respective changes in the single countries and insight on specific issues in the countries. The reports comprise of qualitative and quantitative data of a broad range of relevant issues, spanning from a literature analysis on forest ownership change to management and policy implications.


COST Action FP1201 FACESMAP Country Reports Joint Volume can be downloaded from here.


Use the following reference to cite the Joint Volume:

Živojinović, I., Weiss, G., Lidestav, G., Feliciano, D., Hujala, T., Dobšinská, Z., Lawrence, A., Nybakk, E., Quiroga, S., Schraml, U. (2015). Forest Land Ownership Change in Europe. COST Action FP1201 FACESMAP Country Reports, Joint Volume. EFICEEC-EFISEE Research Report. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Vienna, Austria. 693 pages. ISBN 978-3-900932-26-8 [Online publication]



The list of single country reports:

FP1201_Country Report_AUSTRIA

FP1201_Country Report_BELGIUM


FP1201_Country Report_BULGARIA

FP1201_Country Report_CROATIA

FP1201_Country Report_CZECH REPUBLIC

FP1201_Country Report_ESTONIA

FP1201_Country Report_FINLAND

FP1201_Country Report_FRANCE

FP1201_Country Report_GERMANY

FP1201_Country Report_GREECE

FP1201_Country Report_HUNGARY

FP1201_Country Report_IRELAND

FP1201_Country Report_LATVIA

FP1201_Country Report_LITHUANIA

FP1201_Country Report_fYR MACEDONIA

FP1201_Country Report_NORWAY

FP1201_Country Report_POLAND

FP1201_Country Report_PORTUGAL

FP1201_Country Report_ROMANIA

FP1201_Country Report_SERBIA

FP1201_Country Report_SLOVAKIA

FP1201_Country Report_SLOVENIA

FP1201_Country Report_SPAIN

FP1201_Country Report_SWEDEN

FP1201_Country Report_SWITZERLAND

FP1201_Country Report_TURKEY

FP1201_Country Report_UNITED KINGDOM