Stakeholder Workshop - concluding phase of the Action

“Changing Forest Ownership – European Policy Implications”

Tuesday, 7 June, 2016, 10 – 16h, The Forestry House, Brussels 


The AIM OF THE WORKSHOP is to discuss the preliminary results from the 4-year COST Action FP1201 FACESMAP on “Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management and Policy” with relevant stakeholders from policy and practice.

The problem background for the COST Action is connected to several trends of changing forest ownership structures across Europe, including a growing share of so-called “fragmented”, “absentee” or “non-traditional” forest ownership, where owners partly lack knowledge or capacities to manage their forests, and partly have new objectives and motivations for woodland management. In eastern and southeast Europe the major changes have been restitution and privatization processes.

From the results we conclude that the issue of forest ownership changes is a much underestimated problem in all forest-related policy-fields such as bio-economy, biodiversity etc. The insights and conclusions from the data collection and earlier stakeholder discussions will be presented at the workshop in order to receive feedback from stakeholders from policy and practice. The workshop results will feed into the concluding policy paper of the COST Action which shall address possible implications to improve the data situation on forest ownership structures, needs for new forest management approaches, and adequate policy instruments to address new forest owner types.


The following PARTICIPANTS are expected for the workshop


- CEPF (Confederation of European Forest Owners)

- EUSTAFOR (European State Forests)

- FECOF (European Municipal Forest Owners)

- DG Agriculture

- DG Enterprise

- DG Environment


- FSC, PEFC, WWF, Birdlife


- UNECE-FAO Forest and Timber Section


- EFI (European Forest Institute)

COST Action FACESMAP researchers:

- Gun Lidestav, leader of WG1 on “Forest owner types and characteristics”

- Diana Feliciano, leader of WG2 on “New forest management approaches”

- Teppo Hujala, leader of WG3 on “Forest policy changes”

- Anna Lawrence, Vice Action Chair

- Gerhard Weiss, Action Chair


Workshop flyer find here.