Solsona (Spain) – 2nd WG meeting (16-18 October 2013)

In Solsona, a Training School on “Stakeholder interaction” was organized prior to WG meeting in order to draw on this experience and to develop skills, competences and understanding on stakeholder interaction of Action participants.

The Travellab activities were organised on the 17th  October. The  group of participants was split in two groups. One group visited 2 local forest owners, where they asked WG specific questions. In the group of participants had specific roles, some were asking questions, some were taking notes and some were observing the whole process. Other group was engaged in other related field visits, for observing the natural context. Two local forest owners that we visited in the field represented two different types. The first was property “La Salada”, with the owner who works as a teacher and has inherited the land from family. Management aims were oriented to organic farming, since timber was not profitable. They did not foresee bigger changes in the future, and also they did not intend to sell the land. The second property we visited was property named “Rotxes”, whose owner considered himself a traditional owner because he was the 7th generation of the owner and was doing traditional farming and forestry. The owner had 15 year management plan for its forest. Forest would be inherited by his son, and the potential for the future was seen in biomass production.

In the afternoon, a stakeholder workshop was organised. The WGs had opportunity to ask their questions in “Carousel” setting for stakeholder interaction. Local stakeholders were representatives of following organisations: Forest ConsortiumofCatalonia (Consorci Forestal de Catalunya), Association of Mediterranean Forest Owners (ARCMED), Forest ownership centre, Forest engineer responsible for the Solsonès county, The Association of Local Forest Owners in Catalonia (L'Associació d'Entitats Locals Propietàries Forestals a Catalunya - ELFOCAT).

After the stakeholder workshop all three WG met together and reflected on what was learned.