Presentations given at the Final conference of the COST Action FP1201 FACESMAP



Gerhard Weiss: Highlights of the COST Action FP1201 Forest ownership changes in Europe: trends, issues and needs for action (FACESMAP)
Vilis Brukas: A feedback from an external evaluator to the Action participants

Keynote presentation

John Bliss: Asking Questions and Listening to Stories: Reflections on Three Decades of Forest Ownership Research

Here Keynote presentation text

Selected COST Action FACESMAP results

Anna Lawrence: The dynamic landscape of forest ownership in Europe: what does it mean for society and policy? A synthesis of the FACESMAP findings
Diana Feliciano: TRAVELLAB – A new participatory research method
Liviu Nichiforel: Degrees of freedom - A property rights assessment of forest ownership in Europe
Gun Lidestav and Svarte Swartling: Understanding and serving evolving forest ownership objectives– A dialogue between research and practice

Parallel session 1 - Advancing the understanding of forest ownership

Matilainen, A. et al.: Understanding the forest ownership in different forest owning cultures
Butler, B. J. et al.: Family forest owners of the USA: Life cycle and cohort effects
Lidestav, G. et al.: European non-industrial private forest owners: the art of typology creation and their use
Feliciano, D. et al.: How do European forest owners perceive forest management?

Parallel session 2 - Advisory systems for various forest owner types

Hujala, T. et al.: Boosting female forest owners’ self-efficacy by means of peer-learning
Nonić, D. et al.: Organization of forestry extension services in South-Eastern Europe
Lawrence, A. et al.: Extension, advice and knowledge exchange for private forestry: An overview of diversity and change across Europe
Stoettner, E. M., Ní Dhubháin, Á.: The social networks of Irish private forest owners; the role of group membership and harvesting behaviour

Parallel session 3 – Forest owners and policy making processes

Böhling, K.: European forest policy and forestry. Capacity-building for policy entrepreneurship in Europe
Wilkes Allemann, J., Lieberherr, E.: Stakeholder perceptions of Swiss forest policy an analysis of the Swiss forestry sector
Keskitalo, E. Carina H. et al.: Adaptation to climate change in forestry perspectives on forest ownership in policy implementation

Parallel session 4 – Common and community ownership – often neglected ownership types

Wong, J. et al.: Mapping the space between private and public forest ownership in Europe
Lawrence, A. et al.: Across space and time: making sense of community forest ownership and management in Europe
Kluvankova, T. et al.: Survival of forest commons in Europe? Social innovation to enhance the chance of forest commons
Premrl, T. et al.: Land tenure changes of agrarian commons as result of political system changes in the transition country

Parallel session 5 – Forest management innovations for new owner types

Kajanus, M. et al.: Business models generation in forest sector: exploring innovation potential
Feil, P. et al.: Climate protection in small private forests in Germany – for owners and society (KKEG). Workshop report: A nationwide survey of willingness to act of private forest owners
Bowditch, E.: Woodland resilience and management on private sporting estates in the Highlands of Scotland
Kurttila, M. et al.: Family forest owners’ opinion on potential forest leasing service in Finland

Parallel session 6 – Governance of changing forest ownership

Zivojinovic, I. et al.: Actors and interests related to the restitution in the forestry sectors in transition
Hujala, T. et al.: Policies indirectly affecting new forest owners in Europe
Hanzu, M.: Governance and management practices in public forests of local communities in Romania, a systemic approach
Sarvašová, Z. et al.: Role of Forest Owners Associations in Eastern Europe

Parallel session 7 – Evolving commons – renewal of a traditional ownership type?

Lähdesmäki, M. et al.: Legitimating institutional choices in the forest ownership. Building acceptability for jointly-owned forests
Górriz Mifsud, E. et al.: The challenges of coordinating forest owners for joint management
Koch, M.: “Fade out” or “Jump in”? - Forest ownership of small scaled forests in Bavaria – Activating forest owners and strengthening their “Forest-owner-identity”

Parallel session 8 – Forest owners and the provision of forest ecosystem goods and services

Gatto, P. et al.: Attitudes towards forest ecosystem services provision: what drives the choices of private forest owners in the Veneto region of Italy?
Mostegl, N. M. et al.: Understanding and directing small-scale private forest owner behaviour towards climate change adaptation
Karppinen, H. et al.: Forest owners’ views on storing carbon in their forests
Colson, V. et al.: Analysis of the softwood resources evolution in the Walloon private forest (Belgium)

Parallel session 9 – Researching gender: an interactive session

Lidestav, G. et al.: Talking and writing about gender - A dialogue-based session on new forest owners in Europe
Umaerus, P. et al.: Do female forest owners think and act “greener”?