Zagreb (Croatia) – 5th WG meeting (8-10 June 2015)

In the frame of the “Travellab” activities, a field trip and a regional stakeholder workshop (“Carousel”) was organised on the second day of the Zagreb meeting.

The  field trip took place around the city of Varaždin. Participants learnt about private forestry in respect to the challenging process of restitution during the transition time and afterwards. Two spots were visited. The first stop was Hršak Bonjeković estate (63 ha of private forest, restituted in 2004, hystorical connection with castle ‘Banjski dvori’).Here we met a typical Croatian small scale private forest owner, a medium scale private forest owner (PFO) and representative of extension service of regional unit. The second stop was at count Pongratz’s estate (275 ha of private forest, restituted in 2004, with a historical connection with the castle ‘Marusevec’). Here we met a large scale private forest owner, a licensed contractor and the president of the local private forest owner association (PFOA).

In the afternoon more local stakeholders were met, and these were the following: a private forest manager (big estate) and representatives ofthe Croatian Union of Private forest Owners Associations (CroUPFOA), representative from the forest extension services (from the headquarters), Licensed company for elaboration of forest management plans for private forests, Ministry of Agriculture (‘Payments for ecosystem services (green tax) for private forests’) and of Croatian Forest Ltd. Company.