Krakow (Poland) – 6th WG meeting (4-6 November 2015)

The Faculty of Forestry, University of Agriculture in Krakow organised the 6th Working Group meeting of the FP1201 FACESMAP COST Action from 4–6 November 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

On the day before the meetings, Early Stage Researchers (ESR) group organised a colloquium, where young researchers presented draft papers and got comments and recommendations from senior researchers from the Action. This proved to be a very useful tool for ESRs, and it will be repeated during the next Action meeting.

The meeting was dedicated mainly to sub-groups and task-groups work, and as a start of the synthesis process, which will be in the focus during the next meeting.

In the frame of the “Travellab” activities, a field trip and a regional stakeholder workshop (“carousel”) was organised on the second day of the meeting. In the field trip to Tatra National Park and Community of 8 Entitled Villages in the Witów district of the Tatra Mountains, the participants learnt about private forestry in Poland, and more specifically about the common forest ownership type, which is the most typical type of ownership in this part of the Poland.